Hi! I'm Erin!


Thanks for taking the time to look at my page and learn a little bit more about me and my scrunchie mission.

When COVID hit, life turned upside down for everyone! With work and life at a halt and battling through personal struggles, I started making scrunchies as a creative outlet and a way to find some purpose.


Joe (my husband) started taking me on long walks and I started to take a lot more photos and try to find the beauty in the small details of things. I love the Seacoast and exploring it in a new way has been really rewarding.

Why do I love Scrunchies? I almost exclusively wear my hair up and regular hairties break my hair. I also love the retro look and feel and adding a little pop to each season. I love sweats and being cozy and to me a scrunchie embodies that hygge feeling. We also have a little one on the way so hoping to dress "them" in some of my sewing creations! 

I'd love to hear from you or work with you in some way!! Get in touch with my via my contact page! I'm also happy to take custom orders :)


Share your pictures @seacoastscrunchie using the #scrunchiegang!

xo Erin

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